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NYC Sustainability Help Center

In 2016, the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability partnered with the CUNY Building Performance Lab to relaunch the NYC Benchmarking Help Center, a free public resource originally launched in 2011 to assist the rollout of the City’s first benchmarking law. For the past four years, the Help Center supported property owners in complying with Local Law 84 and Local Law 133, which require all buildings larger than 25,000 square feet to submit energy and water benchmarking reports to NYC on an annual basis.

As NYC continues to work towards a carbon-free electric grid by 2040 and a carbon-neutral economy by 2050, the Help Center has partnered with the NYC Department of Buildings to take on a greater role to support this initiative and become what is now known as the NYC Sustainability Help Center. In addition to benchmarking assistance, the Help Center’s scope of work includes technical assistance with energy audits and retro-commissioning as part of Local Law 87 and support for the implementation of energy efficiency letter grades for buildings as part of Local Law 33.

For more information, please visit the NYC Department of Buildings Sustainability Website. For access to one-on-one assistance and other helpful resources, visit the NYC Sustainability Help Center.

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