How to Benchmark Your Building

This free three-part training series will equip you with all you need to know to prepare and submit your Energy and Water Benchmarking Report to NYC ahead of the May 1st deadline. In addition to the live webinar sessions, our trained staff is available Monday to Friday to answer any benchmarking questions you may have.

Here is what we will cover:

Benchmarking Fundamentals

  • What is benchmarking
  • Why is benchmarking important
  • What are NYC compliance requirements

Benchmarking and You

  • How to determine if your property is required to benchmark
  • How to use the EnergyStar Portfolio Manager Tool
  • How to create a property profile in Energy Star Portfolio Manager
  • How to upload energy and water data from your utilities

Benchmarking and the City

  • How to review your benchmarking report
  • How to submit your benchmarking report to the City of New York

Upcoming Sessions 
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The training will be divided into 3 sessions, please plan to attend all 3.

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