NYC Accelerator Internship Program

The NYC Accelerator Internship Training Program was developed through a partnership between The CUNY Institute for Urban Systems Building Performance Lab (BPL) and the Mayor’s Office of Climate and Environmental Justice.  The 15-week internship program, which started in 2020, offers associate, bachelor, and graduate degree students throughout CUNY an opportunity to work on deep energy retrofit project throughout New York City. The program is geared towards students with an interest in building science and enthusiasm for environmental sustainability. Students receive specialized training through BPL and will be matched to internships with companies participating in programs (such the NYC Accelerator and the Carbon Challenge) run by the Mayor’s Office. 

The goal of the NYC Accelerator Internship Training Program is to equip students with the knowledge and hands-on professional experience necessary to succeed in the  field of high performance building operation, design, and construction. At the same time, those companies who have committed to the High Performance Track or Carbon Challenge will benefit as they seek to build staff capacity and implement clean energy projects across their building portfolios.

The NYC Accelerator and the Carbon Challenge programs were launched by the NYC Mayor’s Office as a way to partner with real estate leaders committed to helping New York City meet its ambitious climate goals. The programs work with companies upgrading building systems, including heating, cooling, and the building envelope. Participating companies upgrade to new systems, optimize the performance of existing systems, and/or implement robust operations and maintenance planning.


What is the NYC Accelerator Intern Program?
This program created by the Mayor’s Office and BPL vets and trains undergraduate and graduate STEM students with interest in building science to assist companies committed to sustainability. The interns receive specialized training that will advance your company’s carbon reduction goals.

How can the interns help me?
Interns can provide 15 hours or more a week to work on projects according to your needs. Interns may:

  • Contribute to ongoing employer priorities related to capital planning and building energy performance
  • Review existing energy audits and capital needs assessments
  • Document and calculate impacts of existing and planned energy conservation measures
  • Calculate building loads and inventorying key heating, cooling and electricity systems
  • Collect and analyze resident survey information
  • Execute a project customized for your company’s needs

Which companies have hosted an NYC Retrofit Accelerator Intern?
Interns have supported:
75f, Agarabi Engineering, Building Energy Exchange, Bright Power, Bronx Pro Group, Carleton Energy Consulting, Colony Heights, Deutsche Bank, Deigo Beekman, Douglas Elliman Property Management, East New York Restoration, Energy Impacts Partners, ICF, JBB& Associates, Kinetic Communities Consulting, KOW Building Consultants, The Metro Group, Na-Da, NYCEEC, NYCHA, NYSERDA, Riseboro Community Partners, Ross Energy Consulting, Stratco Property Solutions, School of Visual Arts, Steven Winter Associates, UHAB, Urban Architectural Initiatives, and Urban Green Council. 

What training do the interns have?
Interns will come to you with science, technology, engineering, and sustainability management backgrounds, 35 full hours of training from BPL, and will have access to CUNY faculty for troubleshooting throughout the internship, which ensures interns can address the unique contexts of your facilities and handle unexpected tasks as they arise.

To apply, please contact Yasmeen Khan ( 

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