Michael Bobker – with the steady leadership of the CUNY Institute for Urban Systems (CIUS), Director Buz Paaswell (CIUS is BPL’s parent organization) – began BPL as a one-man operation in 2006. It’s something of an understatement to say we’ve grown quite a bit since then. CUNY BPL now has a Managing Director — Honey Berk, 12 full-time senior and junior staff members, and our extraordinary interns — typically from 10-25 at a time.

Honey Berk

Executive Director

Tyna Horn

Deputy Director

Danielle Stogdill

Chief of Staff

Felix Rodriguez

Equipment Specialist

Nora Sherman

Director of Communications

Paul Reale

Director of Building Operations Research
Director of Training

Marco Ascazubi

Assistant Director
Technology Applications

Duncan Prahl

Technical Services

Jim Henderson

Program Director
Sustainability Help Center

Jim Lane

Project Manager
Building Operator Training

Carolina Uribe

Fiscal Administrator

CUNY Institute for Urban Systems

Our parent organization, CIUS, promotes interdisciplinary and inter-campus collaboration across the entire CUNY system on infrastructure education and research to address environmental, economic, and technological challenges. It also aims to serve public agencies by leveraging CUNY’s unique array of research and technology transfer capabilities.

Robert E. Paaswell

Director, CIUS

Michael Bobker

Assistant Director, CIUS
Founding Director, CUNY BPL

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