Building Operations

Building Optimization Support

The CUNY BPL Building Optimization Support (BOS) team focuses on coaching, quantification of predicted savings due to changes in operations, and the development of resources to aid building operators. The BOS team aims to utilize various skill sets and mechanisms to advance optimizing building operation via recommendation and implementation of no-cost/low-cost energy conservation measures.

Building Re-tuning

Another focus of BOS is building science and training initiatives is based on the Building Re-tuning (BRT) protocol developed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), one of the U.S. Department of Energy national labs. BRT is designed to systematically monitor and optimize a building’s energy performance using data drawn from a BAS; PNNL research has shown that BRT can help buildings reduce energy usage by up to 25%.

Building on PNNL’s research CUNY BPL developed noBAS BRT, a protocol aimed at the large number of buildings that do not have a BAS, that employs energy data loggers (such as those found in CUNY BPL’s equipment lending library) for collection of HVAC and other system data. CUNY BPL has also developed training and coaching around this protocol, and has delivered customized training and coaching to public and private organizations across NYC, New York State, and in Washington, DC.

Technical Services

The NYC DCAS Division of Energy Management’s (DEM) Technical Services team (TST) works to predict and quantify energy savings and GHG emissions associated with projects implemented across DEM and partner agencies to ensure maximum impact of allocated funding. CUNY BPL’s Technical Services (TS) team provides support for this work to DEM, partner agencies, and consultants, by obtaining pre- and post-project measurements, with the goal of characterizing project results and improving realization rates. CUNY BPL’s TS team also researches best practices in next generation tools and techniques to streamline the measurement and savings prediction process, conducts in-depth analyses, develops guidance documents and training materials, and provides field equipment and technical assistance to agency personnel for project development and execution.

Measurement & Verification

CUNY BPL’s TS team focuses on taking pre- and post-project measurements, conducting in-depth analyses, developing guidance documents and training materials, and providing tools and technical assistance to agency personnel for project planning.

As part of our partnership with DEM, CUNY BPL has assembled several measurement guides for evaluating pre- and post-retrofit conditions of common retrofits associated with DEM-funded energy efficiency for agency use. Each guide includes general information about the system (including key variables to measure), a guide for how to determine the measurement strategy and tools needed, general calculation methodology for determining annual energy consumption of the system, recommendations for best reporting practices, and a Beta version calculation tool that can be used to estimate annual consumption of the system.

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