Application Development

Our development team works closely with our Building Optimization Support, Technical Services teams, partners and sponsors to develop applications that aid in the exploration and analysis of building energy and operational data. Learn more about the applications we’ve worked on below.

Building Energy Modeling and Analysis (BEMA)

A set of tools to aid in the exploration of building energy usage through statistical modeling, and provide general building and portfolio information.

Building Automation System Assessment Tool (BASAT)

A web-based application that provides a standardized approach to evaluating existing building systems relative to desired BAS functionality and performance goals.

Ventilation Increase Impacts (VII) Calculator

Developed to help building operators assess the impact of industry-standard recommendations to increase outside air flow and reduce (re-)circulation of air within buildings.

Airborne Infection Risk Calculator (AIRC)

A modeling tool designed to assist facility personnel and public health professionals in evaluating individual infection and community transmission risks associated with specific indoor environments.

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