Gas Safety Training

Do you know what to do if there is a Gas Safety event in your building? CUNY Building Performance Lab in conjunction with Con Edison are offering a free 3-hour Gas Safety Training class for supers, operators, and maintenance staff of all NYC residential buildings. What It Is: The class is a stand-alone 3-hour session… Continue reading Gas Safety Training

Building Energy Compliance Seminar

Do the NYC rules for building letter grades, benchmarking and the limits on building greenhouse gas emissions have your head spinning? This class has got you covered. About this event In this FREE, three-hour seminar for building owners, property managers, and consultants, we will discuss all of the greenhouse gas-related local laws that impact the… Continue reading Building Energy Compliance Seminar

Building Re-tuning

Are your building occupants comfortable? Most believe that if they are, the buiding is well run. But is it running efficiently? Building Re-tuning (BRT) will answer that question, system by system, and save the average building 14%. In BRT Coaching, we coach operators to find opportunities for improving operations – both comfort and energy efficiency. This is… Continue reading Building Re-tuning