NYC Building Operator Training

The NYC Building Operator Training Program is part of New York City’s OneNYC commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 (80×50). To enroll, please complete the Application Form and we’ll be in touch to help find the right class for you. Since 2017, Building Operator Training has been improving the skills of operations and maintenance staff… Continue reading NYC Building Operator Training

Building Operator Certification

Building Operator Certification (BOC) is a 64-hour, nationally-recognized training program for commercial and institutional operators focusing on energy and operational improvements. It can help organizations and individuals achieve energy savings and make operational improvements that can in turn help owners improve their Building Energy Efficiency Rating letter grade and prepare for Local Law 97 carbon caps,… Continue reading Building Operator Certification

Grant Funded Programs

Grant-funded programs are generally stand-alone initiatives designed to answer specific research questions or develop technologies or training products. CUNY BPL itself began as a seed grant from NYSERDA to our parent organization, the CUNY Institute for Urban Systems, to create a New York City hub for building performance and operations research and promotion. NYSERDA has… Continue reading Grant Funded Programs

Sponsored Programs

Sponsored programs are generally long-standing initiatives that are close collaborations with our sponsors – usually City of New York agencies. The NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services Division of Energy Management (DCAS DEM) is a prime example. As sponsor of the Energy Data Lab and the Technical Services Team (to name just two), the agency… Continue reading Sponsored Programs